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Module @stablelib/wipe


Type aliases


Type aliases

NumericArray: number[] | Uint8Array | Int8Array | Uint16Array | Int16Array | Uint32Array | Int32Array | Float32Array | Float64Array

Package wipe implements functions for zeroing arrays.


  • Sets all values in the given array to zero and returns it.

    The fact that it sets bytes to zero can be relied on.

    There is no guarantee that this function makes data disappear from memory, as runtime implementation can, for example, have copying garbage collector that will make copies of sensitive data before we wipe it. Or that an operating system will write our data to swap or sleep image. Another thing is that an optimizing compiler can remove calls to this function or make it no-op. There's nothing we can do with it, so we just do our best and hope that everything will be okay and good will triumph over evil.


    Returns NumericArray

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